Drill Holder Bushings

Drill Holder Bushings

UNIQUE DESIGN -- Bushing grips the drill around three-quarters of its circumference,and fits the hole in the floating holder in the same manner. Result? More accurate fitting and line-up of drill and bushing.
*Note: Thin wall bushings have only 1 split instead of 2 and have no retainer springs.
POSITIVE OPERATION -- Entire length of bushing firmly clamps drill shank. Less chance of drill being pushed back.
HEAT-TREATED FOR LONG LIFE -- Made of quality carburizing steel and heat-treated (not merely cyanided). The only split-type bushing of its type that is ground after heat-treating.

• Metric ID and special ID Bushings, at same price as equivalent fractional size, minimum quantities may apply.
• Metric id sizes now listed.

#00 1/2" O.D. x 3/4" Long
#0 5/8" O.D. x 7/8" Long
#2 1" O.D. x 1-1/4" Long
#00 MB00-RS
#0 MB0-RS
#2 MB2-RS

#00 DRILL BUSHINGS: 1/2" O.D. x 3/4" LONG
MB00-1/64 MB00-A MB00-#1 MB00-26 MB00-1.80MM MB00-4.40MM MB00-7.70MM
MB00-1/32 MB00-B MB00-2 MB00-27 MB00-1.85MM MB00-4.50MM MB00-7.80MM
MB00-3/64 MB00-C MB00-3 MB00-28 MB00-1.90MM MB00-4.60MM MB00-7.90MM
MB00-1/16 MB00-D MB00-4 MB00-29 MB00-1.95MM MB00-4.70MM MB00-8.00MM
MB00-5/64 MB00-E MB00-5 MB00-30 MB00-2.00MM MB00-4.80MM MB00-8.10MM
MB00-3/32 MB00-F MB00-6 MB00-31 MB00-2.05MM MB00-4.90MM MB00-8.20MM
MB00-7/64 MB00-G MB00-7 MB00-32 MB00-2.10MM MB00-5.00MM MB00-8.30MM
MB00-1/8 MB00-H MB00-8 MB00-33 MB00-2.15MM MB00-5.10MM MB00-8.40MM
MB00-9/64 MB00-"I" MB00-9 MB00-34 MB00-2.20MM MB00-5.20MM MB00-8.50MM
MB00-5/32 MB00-J MB00-10 MB00-35 MB00-2.25MM MB00-5.30MM MB00-8.60MM
MB00-11/64 MB00-K MB00-11 MB00-36 MB00-2.30MM MB00-5.40MM MB00-8.70MM
MB00-3/16 MB00-L MB00-12 MB00-37 MB00-2.35MM MB00-5.50MM MB00-8.80MM*
MB00-13/64 MB00-M MB00-13 MB00-38 MB00-2.40MM MB00-5.60MM MB00-8.90MM*
MB00-7/32 MB00-N MB00-14 MB00-39 MB00-2.45MM MB00-5.70MM MB00-9.00MM*
MB00-15/64 MB00-O MB00-15 MB00-40 MB00-2.50MM MB00-5.80MM MB00-9.10MM*
MB00-1/4 MB00-P MB00-16 MB00-41 MB00-2.60MM MB00-5.90MM MB00-9.20MM*
MB00-17/64 MB00-Q MB00-17 MB00-42 MB00-2.70MM MB00-6.00MM MB00-9.30MM*
MB00-9/32 MB00-R MB00-18 MB00-43 MB00-1.00MM MB00-2.80MM MB00-6.10MM MB00-9.40MM*
MB00-19/64 MB00-S* MB00-19 MB00-44 MB00-1.05MM MB00-2.90MM MB00-6.20MM MB00-9.50MM*
MB00-5/16 MB00-T* MB00-20 MB00-45 MB00-1.10MM MB00-3.00MM MB00-6.30MM MB00-9.60MM*
MB00-21/64 MB00-U* MB00-21 MB00-46 MB00-1.15MM MB00-3.10MM MB00-6.40MM MB00-9.70MM*
MB00-11/32 MB00-V* MB00-22 MB00-47 MB00-1.20MM MB00-3.20MM MB00-6.50MM MB00-9.80MM*
MB00-23/64* MB00-W* MB00-23 MB00-48 MB00-1.25MM MB00-3.30MM MB00-6.60MM MB00-9.90MM*
MB00-3/8* MB00-X* MB00-24 MB00-49 MB00-1.30MM MB00-3.40MM MB00-6.70MM MB00-10.00MM*
MB00-25/64* MB00-Y* MB00-25 MB00-50 MB00-1.35MM MB00-3.50MM MB00-6.80MM MB00-10.20MM*
MB00-13/32* MB00-Z* MB00-1.40MM MB00-3.60MM MB00-6.90MM MB00-10.50MM*
MB00-27/64* MB00-1.45MM MB00-3.70MM MB00-7.00MM MB00-10.80MM*
MB00-7/16* MB00-1.50MM MB00-3.80MM MB00-7.10MM MB00-11.00MM*
MB00-29/64* MB00-1.55MM MB00-3.90MM MB00-7.20MM MB00-11.20MM*
MB00-15/32* MB00-1.60MM MB00-4.00MM MB00-7.30MM MB00-11.50MM*
MB00-31/64* MB00-1.65MM MB00-4.10MM MB00-7.40MM MB00-11.80MM*
MB00-1.70MM MB00-4.20MM MB00-7.50MM MB00-12.00MM*
MB00-1.75MM MB00-4.30MM MB00-7.60MM MB00-12.20MM*

#0 DRILL BUSHINGS: 5/8" O.D. x 7/8" LONG
MB0-1/16 MB0-A MB0-#1 MB0-26 MB0-1.60MM MB0-3.60MM MB0-6.50MM MB0-9.40MM
MB0-5/64 MB0-B MB0-2 MB0-27 MB0-1.65MM MB0-3.70MM MB0-6.50MM MB0-9.40MM
MB0-3/32 MB0-C MB0-3 MB0-28 MB0-1.70MM MB0-3.80MM MB0-6.70MM MB0-9.60MM
MB0-7/64 MB0-D MB0-4 MB0-29 MB0-1.75MM MB0-3.90MM MB0-6.80MM MB0-9.70MM
MB0-1/8 MB0-E MB0-5 MB0-30 MB0-1.80MM MB0-4.00MM MB0-6.90MM MB0-9.80MM
MB0-9/64 MB0-F MB0-6 MB0-31 MB0-1.85MM MB0-4.10MM MB0-7.00MM MB0-9.90MM
MB0-5/32 MB0-G MB0-7 MB0-32 MB0-1.90MM MB0-4.20MM MB0-7.10MM MB0-10.00MM
MB0-11/64 MB0-H MB0-8 MB0-33 MB0-1.95MM MB0-4.30MM MB0-7.20MM MB0-10.20MM
MB0-3/16 MB0-"I" MB0-9 MB0-34 MB0-2.00MM MB0-4.40MM MB0-7.30MM MB0-10.50MM
MB0-13/64 MB0-J MB0-10 MB0-35 MB0-2.05MM MB0-4.50MM MB0-7.40MM MB0-10.80MM
MB0-7/32 MB0-K MB0-11 MB0-36 MB0-2.10MM MB0-4.60MM MB0-7.50MM MB0-11.00MM*
MB0-15/64 MB0-L MB0-12 MB0-37 MB0-2.15MM MB0-4.70MM MB0-7.60MM MB0-11.20MM*
MB0-1/4 MB0-M MB0-13 MB0-38 MB0-2.20MM MB0-4.80MM MB0-7.70MM MB0-11.50MM*
MB0-17/64 MB0-N MB0-14 MB0-39 MB0-2.25MM MB0-4.90MM MB0-7.80MM MB0-11.80MM*
MB0-9/32 MB0-O MB0-15 MB0-40 MB0-2.30MM MB0-5.00MM MB0-7.90MM MB0-12.00MM*
MB0-19/64 MB0-P MB0-16 MB0-41 MB0-2.35MM MB0-5.10MM MB0-8.00MM MB0-12.20MM*
MB0-5/16 MB0-Q MB0-17 MB0-42 MB0-2.40MM MB0-5.20MM MB0-8.10MM MB0-12.50MM*
MB0-21/64 MB0-R MB0-18 MB0-43 MB0-1.00MM MB0-2.45MM MB0-5.30MM MB0-8.20MM MB0-12.80MM*
MB0-11/32 MB0-S MB0-19 MB0-44 MB0-1.05MM MB0-2.50MM MB0-5.40MM MB0-8.30MM MB0-13.00MM*
MB0-23/64 MB0-T MB0-20 MB0-45 MB0-1.10MM MB0-2.60MM MB0-5.50MM MB0-8.40MM MB0-13.20MM*
MB0-3/8 MB0-U MB0-21 MB0-46 MB0-1.15MM MB0-2.70MM MB0-5.60MM MB0-8.50MM MB0-13.50MM*
MB0-25/64 MB0-V MB0-22 MB0-47 MB0-1.20MM MB0-2.80MM MB0-5.70MM MB0-8.60MM MB0-13.80MM*
MB0-13/32 MB0-W MB0-23 MB0-48 MB0-1.25MM MB0-2.90MM MB0-5.80MM MB0-8.70MM MB0-14.00MM*
MB0-27/64 MB0-X MB0-24 MB0-49 MB0-1.30MM MB0-3.00MM MB0-5.90MM MB0-8.80MM MB0-14.25MM*
MB0-7/16* MB0-Y MB0-25 MB0-50 MB0-1.35MM MB0-3.10MM MB0-6.00MM MB0-8.90MM MB0-14.50MM*
MB0-29/64* MB0-Z MB0-1.40MM MB0-3.20MM MB0-6.10MM MB0-9.00MM MB0-14.75MM*
MB0-15/32* MB0-1.45MM MB0-3.30MM MB0-6.20MM MB0-9.10MM MB0-15.00MM*
MB0-31/64* MB0-1.50MM MB0-3.40MM MB0-6.30MM MB0-9.20MM MB0-15.25MM*
MB0-1/2* MB0-1.55MM MB0-3.50MM MB0-6.40MM MB0-9.30MM MB0-15.50MM*

#2 DRILL BUSHINGS: 1" O.D. x 1-1/4" LONG
MB2-2.25MM MB2-4.10MM MB2-6.20MM MB2-8.30MM MB2-11.00MM MB2-16.25MM
MB2-2.30MM MB2-4.20MM MB2-6.30MM MB2-8.40MM MB2-11.20MM MB2-16.50MM
MB2-2.35MM MB2-4.30MM MB2-6.40MM MB2-8.50MM MB2-11.50MM MB2-16.75MM
MB2-2.40MM MB2-4.40MM MB2-6.50MM MB2-8.60MM MB2-11.80MM MB2-17.00MM
MB2-2.45MM MB2-4.50MM MB2-6.60MM MB2-8.70MM MB2-12.00MM MB2-17.25MM
MB2-2.50MM MB2-4.60MM MB2-6.70MM MB2-8.80MM MB2-12.20MM MB2-17.50MM
MB2-2.60MM MB2-4.70MM MB2-6.80MM MB2-8.90MM MB2-12.50MM MB2-18.00MM
MB2-2.70MM MB2-4.80MM MB2-6.90MM MB2-9.00MM MB2-12.80MM MB2-18.50MM
MB2-2.80MM MB2-4.90MM MB2-7.00MM MB2-9.10MM MB2-13.00MM MB2-19.00MM
MB2-2.90MM MB2-5.00MM MB2-7.10MM MB2-9.20MM MB2-13.20MM MB2-19.50MM*
MB2-3.00MM MB2-5.10MM MB2-7.20MM MB2-9.30MM MB2-13.50MM MB2-20.00MM*
MB2-3.10MM MB2-5.20MM MB2-7.30MM MB2-9.40MM MB2-13.80MM MB2-20.50MM*
MB2-3.20MM MB2-5.30MM MB2-7.40MM MB2-9.50MM MB2-14.00MM MB2-21.00MM*
MB2-3.30MM MB2-5.40MM MB2-7.50MM MB2-9.60MM MB2-14.25MM MB2-21.50MM*
MB2-3.40MM MB2-5.50MM MB2-7.60MM MB2-9.70MM MB2-14.50MM MB2-22.00MM*
MB2-3.50MM MB2-5.60MM MB2-7.70MM MB2-9.80MM MB2-14.75MM MB2-22.50MM*
MB2-2.00MM MB2-3.60MM MB2-5.70MM MB2-7.80MM MB2-9.90MM MB2-15.00MM MB2-23.00MM*
MB2-2.05MM MB2-3.70MM MB2-5.80MM MB2-7.90MM MB2-10.00MM MB2-15.25MM MB2-23.50MM*
MB2-2.10MM MB2-3.80MM MB2-5.90MM MB2-8.00MM MB2-10.20MM MB2-15.50MM MB2-24.00MM*
MB2-2.15MM MB2-3.90MM MB2-6.00MM MB2-8.10MM MB2-10.50MM MB2-15.75MM MB2-24.50MM*
MB2-2.20MM MB2-4.00MM MB2-6.10MM MB2-8.20MM MB2-10.80MM MB2-16.00MM MB2-25.00MM*