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Somma Tool Company has a large variety of tooling for tapping and reaming operations. Somma Tap Holders are available in many styles: with the Somma Releasing style tap holder (floating and non floating), when the tap contacts the work, the clutch ring slides forward to fully engage the spindle for positive driving power. When the end of the pullout is reached the clutch ring springs back instantly leaving ample clearance between contact points of clutch ring and spindle. Ideal for multi spindle machines and turret lathes. The Somma Adjustable (floating) Non-Releasing style tap holder fits all standard machines and is adjustable to compensate for machine misalignment. The Somma Non Releasing style tap holder is excellent for operations where release is not required such as Davenport and New Britain Gridley machines. These Somma tap holders use tap holder bushings which are also available for Somma.

Somma also has tap holders which use ER Collets instead of tap holder bushings. ER16 Tension Only Tap Holders use ER16 collets and are ideally suited for through hole applications on Swiss and Japanese automatics and lathes. Tension Only Floating ER Collet Tap Holders are used on CNC machining centers and lathes, screw machines, automatic lathes, chuckers, and milling machines. The tension feature eliminates tap breakage during machine reversal. ER Axial /Float Tension /Compression Tap Holders and Tension & Compression ER Collet Floating Tap Holders are ideal for cnc milling machines and for lathes with reversing motors and rigid tapping. The floating mechanism compensates for machine feed and tap pitch variance and for misalignment between tap and work piece.

Reamer holders are also available from Somma including bushing type adjustable and standard Floating holders, ER Collet Floating holders, DA Collet Floating holders, DA Collet Double Pin Floating holders and Morse Taper Shank Floating holders. Chucking Reamers, both straight flute and solid carbide are also available from Somma.

Somma also has bench top tapping machines (BB-SR) which can retap threaded parts, chase threads, remove cut off burrs from threads, inspect threads, countersink holes, deburr holes and ream holes. Somma's bench top tapping machine (STC-TAP-ER) is a higher torque machine for tapping as well as for retaping.

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