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Collet Chucks, Drill Holders &
Tool Holding Collets

Somma Tool Company has a wide variety of products to suit all your tool holding requirements. The popular ER Collets and ER Tap Collets are available in series ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, ER40 and ER50. Double Angle Collets are available in series 100DA, 180DA, 200DA, 300DA, and 400DA. Series C3, C4, C6 and C8 Flexi-Grip Collets, previously sold by Sandvik, are also available from Somma along with the STC4 series tap collets. Somma has TG Single Angle Collets and TG Single Angle Tap Collets in series 50TG, 75TG, 100TG and 150TG. Universal ® series OW, WW, Y, Z, ZZ and XZ Double Taper Collets are available as well as Acura-Flex Style Collets.

Somma Tool can also provide the tool holders and accessories for all the collet series listed above.

Somma offers a Quick Change ER Collet Chuck System along with Straight Shank Collet Holders which include Double Angle Stub Nose & Extended Nose Collet Chucks, Double Angle Close Clearance Collet Chucks,TG Single Angle Collet Chucks, ER Collet Chucks & Extensions, Extra long & Stubby ER & DA Collet Chuck Extensions, Adjustable Offset ER Collet Chucks and Automotive Threaded Shank Collet Chucks. Somma's V Flange Taper Shank Collet Chucks include CAT V Flange, CAT & BT Shank Balanced Precision Chucks, N.M.T.B. Shank Collet Chucks, BT Shank ER Collet Chucks, and End Mill Adapters. R8 Shank Collet Chucks and Morse Taper Shank Collet Chucks, 5C Collets in inch & metric sizes, R8 Collets & 5C Collet Accessories are also available from Somma.

"Balas" Workholding Collets, Pushers, and Pads, Martin Master Collets & "A" Style Master Pushers plus conventional (solid) collets and feed fingers complete Somma's workholding line for use with Warner & Swasey, New Britain, and other multi spindle machines.