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Somma Tool Company has a large variety of CNC Tool Holder Bushings and Multi Spindle Lathe tool holder bushings. They are available in both metric and fractional ID's and OD's. Contact Somma for Type B, Type C, Type J, Type Z, Type LB, Type LBF, Type DD, and Type L series CNC bushings.

Somma also has ½” O.D., 5/8” O.D., and ¾” O.D. drill holder bushings designed so the bushing grips the drill around three quarters of its circumference resulting in more accurate fitting of the drill in the bushing. The entire length of the spring bushing firmly clamps the drill shank with less of a chance of the drill being pushed back. We offer both metric drill bushings as well as fractional sizes.

Somma Tap Holder bushings and Reamer Holder bushings are designed in the same manner resulting in a more accurate fitting and line up of the tap, or reamer, with the bushing.

Boring Bar Sleeves and Taper Drill Sockets complete Somma's product line of Tool Holder Bushings.

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