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Somma Tool Company is a leading manufacturer of turning tools for the precision turned parts industry and has a wide variety of tooling ranging from high speed steel (HSS) tool bit style tools to carbide insert type tools. Somma's Tangi-Square Carbide Insert Turning Tool is the only turning tool system designed specifically for the screw machines. The Tangi-Square Carbide Insert outperforms all other inserts because it cuts tangentially instead of radially. The four cutting edged insert has a 10 degree front clearance angle instead of the 5 degree of triangular inserts, has a built in chip breaker, produces square, sharp corners, and is repeatable within .001". There is no need for a slide retraction because freer cutting action eliminates scroll lines on most applications. Somma's unique tool holder design also allows other style cutting tool slides to be interchangeable so that the same turning tool can be supplied with a HSS Cutting Tool Slide or a Triangular Carbide Insert Slide if preferred.

Somma also makes the more traditional type of "Box Turning Tools" with either a Roller Backrest or a Carbide Backrest and the tool can be used for either right or left hand operations as a Carbide Backrest Turning tool, Balance Turning Tool, Drilling & Chamfering Tool, Drilling & Turning, Roller Backrest support for turret, Pointing tool, Knee Tool, Roller Back Rest Box Tool, Carbide Backrest support for turret, Centering & Facing, Floating Drill Holder, Two Diameter Drilling, and as a Carbide Insert Tool. Somma Rectangular Carbide Insert Holders are also available for left hand turning, and there is Somma Tangi Square Insert style Toolbit holder available for right hand turning.