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Somma Tool Company is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of cut off tooling. Our cut off blade styles include:

T Type Cut Off Blades which are ground all over with a concave ground top. They are available from stock in M2 material for general machining with excellent toughness, especially good for interrupted cuts, Cobalt material which has highest heat resistance and good wear resistance, T15PM material which has high wear resistance and is excellent for difficult to machine materials while offering good heat resistance, and carbide tipped & solid carbide for high heat and wear resistance.

Hollow Ground (Johnson style) are also available from stock in the same materials, as are Acme B type cut off blades with a 7 degree beveled angle, and Empire ® Twin Tip ® style.

Cut off blade holders are also available from Somma for use on Davenport and Brown & Sharpe machines.

Indexable Carbide Insert Cut off Holders are available for Davenport, Brown & Sharpe, CNC, Swiss, Acme, and New Britain machines and in Quick Change Holders.

Circular Plain Cut Off tools, Cut Off & Chamfer tools, Circular Straight tools, and various Circular Radius tools are also available POA, Price on Application, in T15PM high speed steel as well as carbide tipped and solid carbide, for use on Davenport and Brown & Sharpe machines.

Somma also makes a Combination Bar Puller Cut Off Tool for CNC available with a 3/4" and a 1" diameter shank. The single screw adjustment allows jaws to be set up and adjusted in minutes for each job. One turn of the screw moves both jaws in or out exactly .100". This cut off tool saves a turret position and uses all popular brands of insert style cut off blades, jaws, and jaw fingers.

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