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Somma Tool's Resharpenable Quick Change (RQC) insert tool line is an excellent choice for replacing your conventional dovetail form tools and dovetail shave tools. Contour forming inserts are also a great alternative to single point turning on CNC lathes. The system features a patented clamping mechanism which will always return the cutting edge to center, the RQC system gives you the reusability and cost-effectiveness of a dovetail or circular tool combined with the ease of replacing a cutting insert. This form insert system is also great for datum point tooling and families of parts as you can quickly changeover from one part to the next without moving the holder. Plus, Somma Tool is the only quick change insert tool holding manufacturer which will sell you all the equipment needed to produce inserts in-house on your own EDM machines. RQC tool holders are available in quick change tool posts as well as quick change dovetail form tool holder for screw machines, multi spindle lathes and CNC lathes.

The RQC system can also be supplied with single use form inserts if that is preferable.

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